To keep things fun and clear for everyone we have a few rules that every member of the site is obligated to follow. Violating these rules will result in several warnings, and perhaps a (temporary) ban from the site eventually, depending on the situation. Make sure to read through these rules carefully before starting your RP adventure!

When you notice someone violate these rules, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member to take care of the situation (preferably with evidence like screenshots or a topic link). Of course you can sort out things by yourselves too, as long as It remains OFF-SITE! We don't allow people to bring their personal drama to the site or discord server.

General Rules
- We don't allow any kind of 18+/sexual content or images on the site.
- You can post in both English and Dutch in the OOC forums.
- Advertisement for your own of site or forum is only allowed within the AFFILIATES board, as long as you follow the advertisement rules. Keep in mind that It's not allowed to register an account only for the sake of advertising your own site/forum! If you want to trade buttons feel free to add our button to your site and PM an administrator with your site link and button.
- We are a 'one account per character' site, which means that every character is played from a different account. This means that you have to register the username of your account as your character's name, which can not contain any numbers or punctuation marks. On this site we don't use seperate OOC accounts.
- You're allowed to have as many accounts/characters as you please, but try to keep them all as active as possible. We'd rather have lesser, but more active characters on the site than a bunch of inactive ones. When abandoning an account completely with no intention of getting back to that character ever again, we'd like to suggest to maybe just let the character die so that their active relatives/acquaintances have something to plot around again, instead of being stuck with an inactive family member/mate/friend etc. However, this remains your choice completely!
- Be respectful towards your fellow members! We want to keep this a drama-free community where everyone feels safe to enjoy themselves. Discrimination or bullying in any form (Racism, Homophobia, etc) is not permitted and will have serious consequences. If you see this happening on site, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member.
- When receiving a warning from the staff don't turn It into a discussion. If you do want to say or ask something about the warning you can do that by sending the staff a private message, either in discord or PM.
- Please don't bother other players about IC related stuff like relationships, threads or replies outside the forum too much. It's okay to remind someone about something IC through discord as they might have actually forgot about It, but keep in mind that at the end of the day It's still a hobby and not everyone has an endless amount of free time to spend on the site.
- Be patient with the staff members when It comes to accepting characters, answering questions, rolling, etc. Even though we try our best to get everything done as soon as possible we're just regular people with a life outside of the forum as well. Thanks in advance!

In Character Rules
- You're allowed to write your IC posts and topics in both English and Dutch! Only site wide storyline related events will have to be written in English.
- Even tough we are a semi-realistic wolf RP, please try to remain as realistic as possible within the setting! Most of the 'magic' elements of the site are written into the land and lore rather than the wolves themselves, so wolf behaviour, development and such remains very close to that of realistic wolves, with several exceptions (like religion and such), of course.
- We don't allow godmodding/powerplay within the RP threads. The only character you're able to control in your posts are your own character or NPC's. This means you can't decide the other player's injuries in a fight for example, you can only write out what your character tries to do when trying to injure them.
- Other characters can only be killed with permission from the player! The only exception for this is a Death Match, but as a Death Match needs permission from both players as well to happen in the first place It's kind of the same thing. Keep in mind that once you decide to let your character die, there's no bringing them back.
- Players are responsible to keep track of their characters ages themselves. You don't have to update to your exact age every moon (month), as long as you keep the timeline in mind. It is required, however, to age up your character a year each time their season of birth passes.
- When referring to more heavy subjects that could be triggering for some members in your threads please make sure to add [TW] + subject in either your topic title or description, warning members who wouldn't like to read that so that they don't (accidentally) have to. This rule can refer to things like depression, but also things like detailed written injuries and such.
- No form of force breeding is allowed on the forum! Not in histories, not in threads, not in between 'fade-out's'. Even when the other player has given permission, It is simply not allowed.

About Graphics
- Avatars do resize, but If you don't want your avatar to resize or lose quality you should stick to 250x350px.
- Your avatar has to be a picture of your character! This can be a real photo, a manipulation or artwork of your character.
- There are no specific rules to how big or long your signature is allowed to be, as long as It doesn't mess with the site's codes and stays within an 700px width.
- We do not allow art theft on the site! Anyone that gets caught using someone else's art without permission will receive a warning. We recommend using DAWN THIEVES when looking for wolf pictures to use for your character(s) as all the pictures on there are free to use. You can also take a look at the GALLERY section to see If another member could make you some art to use!

About High Ranks
- If you wish to play a high rank like an alpha, beta or soothsayer you will be bound to monthly activity checks. However, this doesn't mean that you instantly lose your rank when going on vacation or when going through a busy work/school period. As long as you announce your inactivity in the ABSENCE THREAD you should be fine.
- Alpha's are required to make 3 IC posts each month. Beta's and Soothsayers are required to make 2 IC posts each month. When losing your rank due inactivity the staff will always make sure to contact you first instead of just instantly taking away your rank, so we can find a way to solve this IC. When not responding to the staff's message after being inactive we will decide what happens to your character and Its rank IC so that the rank can be passed down to someone else. This will never be death, but more likely something like the character disappearing or simply giving up their rank.
- Keep in mind that when playing a Soothsayer you can't just let your character 'disappear' and let the rank be passed down. The whole thing about Soothsayers is that they can't pass their rank and gift to someone else as long as they are still alive. When giving up a Soothsayer rank your character must die, so be careful with accepting this feared position within a pack. Inactive Soothsayers that don't respond to the staff's PM on how to solve things will have the chance to come back eventually and find out their character has died.
- When playing a high rank, keep in mind that the particular rank won't be yours forever. High ranks will be switched every now and then so that everyone has an equal chance of playing one. The more active a high rank is, the longer he or she is allowed to stay on that rank. However, we won't suddenly pass the rank to someone else without contacting the current high rank first, so that hopefully we could get some rad plots out of the switching of ranks!
- High ranks do have a big say when It comes to site wide pack related events/conflicts and are encouraged to share any ideas they might have for their pack, the lore or a bigger storyline involving the pack. Keep in mind, however, that the staff will always have the last say in these things. You can't do drastic things like claiming another territory or start a war without permission from the staff.