Welcome to ???

Welcome to the world of (site name)! We are a play by post, semi-realistic wolf RPG that's aimed towards both Dutch and English roleplayers to explore. The site welcomes roleplayers of all levels of experience, so even If you're totally new to this kind of roleplaying this is the perfect place for you to start! We're aiming towards making this a community where roleplayers - no matter their level of experience are able to creatively plot with their characters and other members, and participate in various site-wide events that are not only in character, but out of character as well. Only those who wish to play a high rank are bound to monthly activity checks, but the rest of the members don't have to worry about their character losing their spot in the RP when remaining inactive for a while. (Site name) has no specific word-count, but we encourage RP'ers to write something that contains enough information for a fellow RP'er to respond to.

Even though (Site name) is mainly focused on story telling and developing your characters, we decided to add a few (optional) things to make the RP somewhat more interesting for those who are a bit more of a thrill seeker. Our fighting system, for example, allows players to challenge other characters without knowing who's going to win beforehand. For those who enjoy something to work towards with their characters we've implemented a skill system which members are able to level up through various IC activities, and for those who don't mind - or would like some element of surprise in their threads we have the random events. All of these systems and extra's will be explained in full detail further in the Guidebook.

??? is a site targeted towards both English and Dutch roleplayers. Since a majority of the members speak both Dutch and English things like posts, threads, applications, OOC posts and such are allowed to be written in both English and Dutch. Every piece of information you'll need to understand in order to RP here, however, is written in English so that everyone has a chance to join in on the fun! That's why important site related threads will be fully written in English as well. Keep in mind that as soon as we notice a bunch of English speaking RP'ers joining the site this could change. We will, however, always accept Dutch IC posts and threads as some people aren't just really comfortable in writing in another language than they're used to. This also applies to our discord server.

Even though there's room for plotting and chatting on the site itself, we highly recommend joining our discord server! Not only is this a perfect chance to get to know your fellow RP'ers a little better, but we're also planning on hosting little art contests and/or art raffles there!

We hope you have fun reading through the Guidebook and enjoy your stay here on ???! If you have questions about anything do not hesitate to shoot one of the staff members a message. You can recognise a staff member by the white paw on their profiles!

- The ??? staff